Friday, 18 May 2012

Michaela's Interview on Upstage on CKUT

I'm on at about minute 20! Take a listen :)

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Interview with Tranna Wintour

If you don't know about Tranna Wintour's blog yet, check it out! We had a lovely chat:

Link to "Like a Virgin" Interview

Michaela's Interview in the Panoram Italia Magazine

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8 Reasons to See 8 Ways

1. A hilarious teaser:

2. According to readers of the Montreal Mirror, 4th best play of 2011 on the Best of Montreal list:

3. “8 Ways is wonderfully written, feels incredibly genuine, and is a complete delight to see.”
-Al Lafrance, Bloody Underrated

4. “The author-actress also made herself very vulnerable, which I think explains much of the power of the piece, and her budding success.”
-Mabel Talk

5. “Michaela Di Cesare, star of this solo, is an insanely likable performer. Di Cesare the writer is incredibly intelligent and has a terrific story to tell that doesn't go a word longer than necessary”
-Gaƫtan Charlebois, The Charlebois Post

6. “Sharp and funny, her take on the St-Leonard dating scene and impressions of her mother (“Baby,straight men don’t read”) are hilarious.”
-Sacha Jackson, Montreal Mirror

7. The show enjoyed a holy trinity of successful runs, an even holier trinity of MECCA nominations (Best Actress, Best Text and Revelation), and an eventual win for Best Text. It is now being resurrected like Lazarus from the dead (if Lazarus had come back bigger, better and with superpowers, that is).

8. Many Montreal institutions have offered their support to this sophomore production. Among them are Playwright’s Workshop Montreal, Black Theatre Workshop, The Rialto Theatre, the National Congress of Italian Canadians, and the Segal Centre for Performing Arts. The production is also being funded in part by a grant from the University of Toronto's Arts Council. The Launchpad Award for Emerging Artists aims to kick-start the career of a young artist whose project demonstrates the potential to succeed on a professional level.

8 Ways voted #4 on Montreal Mirror's Top Ten List

For Best Play

Montreal Mirror's Best of Montreal Poll

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