Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Next Installment

I know you probably all thought I'd stop blabbing about how my mother was conceived. You probably thought I'd released enough tension last summer, that I'd resolved my mommy issues, and that I'd pipe down and forget about it.

Actually, no.

8 Ways my Mother was Conceived is coming back with a vengeance! The last time the show ran, I thought only my family would see it and I was terrified of them. It turns out, the last time the show ran, LOTS OF PEOPLE saw it. Way more than I expected. Paradoxically, this also made me feel like not enough people saw it and that the people who did see it deserved to see a show that I actually believed would have a public audience. (Am I making sense?) So first and foremost my strict vow for the new production is to make it professional, confident and unapologetic.

Unapologetic is the key. This new version will be uncensored. Sexier. That's right, lots of one-woman sex will be had! (No, um, that sounds like solo porn. I'm still working on the tagline, bear with me)

In all seriousness, you must understand that in our backwards culture, a woman belongs to her parents and must live by their rules until marriage-- when she belongs to her husband. Well, the next time you see this show, I will be officially married (legally, morally, logistically, and in about 10 other ways too). However, my husband-to-be is being so kind as to regard me as his equal (sarcastic jab at Mediterranean macho culture, don't attack!) and so the wedding actually signals quite the emancipation for me.

Getting married in my family marks the official passage into an  adult world, where one can finally speak openly and frankly about lots of things-- especially sex. Did I mention sex?

Look out for the re-production (reproduction, get it?) of 8 Ways my Mother was Conceived, directed by Tamara Brown and playing at the Rialto Theatre from May 24-27, 2012.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

MECCA AWARDS 2010-2011

I haven't blogged for a ridiculously long time so some things have happened. First, there came some nominations:


I was completely beside myself, so humbled and actually a little embarrassed to see my name alongside such mega Montreal talents. 

Sometime after that came the award ceremony at which this happened:


I am forever thankful to everyone on the jury for the MECCAs-- and especially to the person who kept using my photos in the press releases ;)

No, in all seriousness, this might sound like a bunch of garbage, but the admiration shown by people toward this show continues to shock and amaze me. When the play was running, I was surprised people came. When the reviews came out, I was surprised people liked it-- and then all this!

Please stay tuned for more updates. Because more is coming!